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Our Success Stories 

Read more about our students who started their journey with us , has achieved great results and has embarked on their tertiary education 

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Alan Hendry Cheong Xian Loong 2021 IGCSE Alumni - 4A* 1A

A very friendly environment to learn. The teachers are super caring and explain topics in the most efficient way. Thank you teachers for your guidances during these past 3 years.Brixsten has enabled me to achieve myself at my fullest with their comfortable and fun atmosphere. Learning has never been easier with brixsten from my peers and teachers, they made sure we were well and happy throughout my years in Brixsten. Despite some complications due to Covid towards the end of my studies in Brixsten, we still managed to pull through.

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Grace Hoh Jee Yeng 2021 IGCSE Alumni - 3A* 1A


A very friendly environment to learn. The teachers are super caring and explain topics in the most efficient way. Thank you teachers for your guidances during these past 3 years.



I knew I was late and the situation I was in made it impossible for me to achieve my goal. Specifically, I wanted to take IGCSE Biology paper in two months with no knowledge of Biology to be able to meet the requirement of my dream college. Fortunately, I came to the right academy. Brixsten Academy was the only academy that discussed with me regarding the matter and set realistic goals to what I’m able to achieve. They helped me to tailor the classes that I needed in order to be prepared for the exam. I know it was a challenge for the academy to be able to take me in as a student but they made it possible for me to attain my goal. Thank you Brixsten Academy!

Dhafina Azra Aznan  2021 IGCSE Alumni - A* Biology in 3 months 
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When I finished high school, I didn't expect to find myself missing math tuition. The past few years I've spent with Mr. Naren and more recently, Mr.Satya, has not only allowed me to improve in Math and Chemistry at my own pace but has given me the environment to actually enjoy the things I study. Mr, Naren has a way of explaining things that makes me want to know more, and has always gone above and beyond to make sure that I understand and more personally to make sure I feel understood. I am so immensely pleased and grateful to have had them both aid me through my education and I will greatly miss the centre, the people and the numerous pens I've lost there.

Rhiya Furrah 2020 IGCSE & A-Level Alumni
Tasneem Khalil IGSCE 2020


Brixsten Academy has some of the most dedicated and hardworking teachers i’ve ever met; they are committed and resilient in their efforts to ensure every student under their responsibility receives the specially catered help and tutoring they need for whatever subject it may be. At Brixsten, there is an unmistakable sense of passion and zeal for the work they do. From my enrolment to my final IGCSE exams there was significant improvement in my performance for even my weakest subjects like maths (from an F to an A!) and I made some incredible friends who influenced me in all the best ways possible. If you want your kids to do the best they possibly can for their exams, while also making memories to be cherished, then trust them with Brixsten!

Tasneem Akram Omar Khalil 2020 IGCSE Alumni - 5A* 2A 1B
Gavin Timothy IGCSE 2020 Brixsten Academy



My overall learning experience at Brixsten Academy had been a blast for several reasons. First of all, the learning experience had not just been wonderful yet effective and efficient for me, but I also got to learn more about the environment and surroundings around me. I made many friends during my tenure there and I have had a great time integrating and synchronising with the people around me, students and teachers alike. Classes are conducted in a very organized manner with the respective teachers always being punctual to each class and being dedicated and knowledgeable in the subjects that they teach. They are also very skilled in handling individual students who require additional classes to improve their respective grades. Besides that, the teachers have a good sense of humour which makes the classes seem more fun and enjoyable not just for myself, but for everyone in Brixsten Academy. 

Gavin Timothy 2020 IGCSE Alumni - 2A* 3A 1B
Howard Yap.jpeg


A great place where one can focus academically without much distraction. Teachers provide instantaneous support for students in need.Highly recommended for student who wants ace the exam with flying colors.

Yap Yong Howe 2020 IGCSE Alumni - 2A* 4A 1B
Shane Daniel IGCSE 2019 Brixsten Academy

The overall journey that I had undergone, was one that was fruitful and provided a variety of benefits. An experience made possible by the positive- learning environment that is ever- present at Brixsten. The main contributors to this being, the dedicated and understanding teachers, who are experienced with effective methods of teaching, tied together with an attentiveness to students’ needs. As a result, all students are also assured, aware and able to better themselves; developing the sense of companionship between students and all around. With that in mind, my time spent at Brixsten has built upon my skills, in respect to knowledge and social awareness, that has helped in my personal development to be equipped for the future.

Shane Daniel 2019 IGCSE Alumni - 3A* 3A
Phan Li Shuen IGCSE 2019 Brixsten Academy

As a student myself, who has graduated from Brixsten's foundation syllabus leading to IGCSE exams, I have experienced their firsthand teaching methods; the teachers and staff are extremely passionate in delivering the content in the right approach to students. What more, the materials is especially relevant to the papers given in examinations as well as essentials for what students need to excel. I would definitely encourage parents to give Brixsten some consideration and maybe enquire to them if something appeal for the journey is worthwhile. Thank you Brixsten for the fond memories!

Phan Li Shuen 2019 IGCSE Alumni Youngest Achiever 14 Years Old - 5A* 1A 
Cheryl Chew Jane Lynn IGCSE 2019 Brixsten Academy

My experience at Brixsten is amazing. I was a transfer student from an international school to Brisxten Academy. I noticed that my learning experience in Brixsten was way more effective as compared to my previous school. I personally believe that this is due to the interaction between the teachers and me which made learning more fun and engaging. I really loved how the teachers were extremely patient and made sure that we understand the topic properly. Also, extra classes were provided to further improve our learning as the teachers wanted to make sure that we fully understand the materials before going for exams. Hence why I really miss the teaching in Brixsten! <3


Cheryl Chew 2019 IGCSE Alumni - 5A* 1A 2B
Pierre Cesario IGCSE 2018 Brixsten Academy

My experience at Brixsten Academy was invaluable due to the great support from the excellent teachers and conducive learning environment. As an inherently curious person who wishes to learn topics in extreme detail, I was delighted to see that the teachers often went above and beyond to ensure that I fully grasped the concepts. Moreover, I always felt comfortable around my peers and teachers as they were friendly and welcoming. As a result, there was a great balance between studies and leisure that prevented us from stressing out too much. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience as the teachers brought out the best in me.


Pierre Cesario 2018 IGCSE Alumni - 3A* 2A
Marcus Yeoh 2019 IGCSE Alumni - 1A*4A 3B
Marcus Yeoh IGCSE 2018 Brixsten Academy

My experience at Brixsten Academy was, to be honest, great. The atmosphere there is warm and inviting. Made a lot of good friends and memories of studying there. As a science stream student, I was completely satisfied with the level of teaching held at the centre. The teachers were all very competent and are more than willing to adapt to my pace of learning. They were also very kind and friendly towards me and are always there to help out whenever I have problems. The centre’s location is really good as well, as there are plenty of restaurants nearby the centre when it comes to lunch breaks. Overall, I had a good experience studying there.

Bryan Cheah IGCSE 2018 Brixsten Academy


My personal experience of my time at Brixsten Academy has been a positive one for a multitude of reasons. From the get go, the teachers and students at the academy had been very welcoming and approachable which helped me adapt to the environment quickly after joining. Additionally, having smaller classes allows for more focused and one on one interactions with the teachers which in my opinion helped me to improve drastically during my time at Brixsten. It is also worth mentioning that the area where the academy is located is very convenient, with a large variety of places to eat as well as a mall right around the corner. In summary, I have benefited a lot from joining Brixsten Academy and learned alot from its group of knowledgeable teachers, as well as met many people who I can call good friends till this day.

Bryan Cheah 2019 IGCSE Alumni - 4A* 1A 2B
Ethan Soh.jpeg
Ethan Soh 2018 IGCSE Alumni - 1A* 6A 1B


I joined Brixten Academy late into my highschool years from another centre. I was struggling with some subjects and was doubting i can score in my final IGCSE exam. After coming to Brixten and met Mr Naren (Physics and Additional Mathematics) and Mr Vishnu (Chemistry) I improved substantially with the confidence to sit for the exam. Their teachers’ and students’ friendliness always lifts me up and put me in a good mood to study everytime I’m there. They helped me achieve a decent scholarship into college in 2019 and I am now in my second year of Mechanical Engineering. 

Kong Tze Hui.jpeg
Kong Tze Hui 2018 IGCSE Alumni - 4A* 4A 1B
Syed Yusuf Algadrie.png
Syed Yusuf Algadrie 2018 IGCSE Alumni - 3A* 3A
ryan alexander.jpeg


Brixsten Academy is truly an academy unlike any other I’ve been to. The teachers engage well with students during lessons and are more than willing to give personal attention if ever a student is struggling.The bond between teacher and student is something they take seriously. A happy and comfortable place of learning .

Ryan Alexander Lamach 2017 IGCSE Alumni - 4A* 3A
Alysha Nadia.jpg


Lovely place for not only educational but also personal growth. The attentive staff help individuals come out of their shell, emphasising the importance of class participation and communication amongst one another. A student's voice is always heard and never ridiculed-no question is silly and feedback is always welcome. Classes were constantly entertaining with the syllabus content being nicely paced. All in all, Brixsten Academy truly stands with a student's best interest in mind.

Alysha Nadia Azani 2017 IGCSE Alumni - 4A* 3A
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