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Delivering the most attractive IGCSE Business Studies tuition initiative in Petaling Jaya remains Brixsten Academy’s driving force. Specialised lessons that assist students in improving their research and numeracy skills are bound to be highly beneficial, especially since they will be guided by our incredible IGCSE Business Studies tutor right from the start.

Who Needs A Business Studies Tutor?

To master business studies is to fully grasp the fundamentals of economics. Students in upper secondary school, as well as those pursuing a variety of academic goals, such as A-Levels, are strongly encouraged to select Brixsten Academy’s exceptional IGCSE Business Studies tuition course, considering how sophisticated the subject is.

If students feel that they may need some assistance with a particular course topic, they have the option of getting in contact with our experienced IGCSE Business Studies tutor. Furthermore, with this kind of guidance, some of them might feel even more at ease studying business studies, while others would want to be encouraged even more because they already have exceptional numeracy skills for their age. With the right Business Studies IGCSE tuition structure, they might eventually be able to exhibit outstanding academic ability in the classroom on par with their peers.

To ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality education while narrowing the learning gap.

Why Choose Us?


Award Winning Experience

One of the many achievements we were able to pull off was during the 2023 SME and Entrepreneur Business Award, where our CEO and Principal, Dr. Vijendran Arulrajah, was recognised with the Certificate of Edupreneur Excellence. This perfectly captures our relentless effort to showcase the development of teacher-student collaboration.

Curriculum Transition

Excellent Facilities

Students who attend here will have access to the most optimal infrastructure possible. Modern amenities, such as WiFi, are readily available to make the educational experience even more meaningful. Every day, the pantry and lounge provide much-needed downtime and mealtimes. We even supply technical tools that can be used in advance for subject preparation.

Learning Abilities

Reputable Professionals

In keeping with our staff members’ academic credentials, their years of practical expertise in the teaching field make them highly valued. Students will have sufficient guidance when enrolling in the Business Studies IGCSE tuition programme because the teachers are well-equipped with remarkable classroom management skills.

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