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Since 2015, we have made it our mission here at Brixsten Academy to offer the most effective IGCSE Physics tuition structure in Petaling Jaya. Rest assured, students will be exposed to individualised sessions to allow them to improve their practical understanding with unwavering support from our outstanding Physics IGCSE tutor.

Who Needs A Physics Tutor?

Learning physics is all about understanding the composition of matter. This is where students will learn more about some of the most famous formulas in the world, including Albert Einstein’s E=mc². Therefore, Brixsten Academy’s fantastic IGCSE Physics tuition curriculum is a great choice for those in both lower and upper secondary classes. You are also more than welcome to participate if you happen to be interested in pursuing A-Levels.

Anyone who might need help with specific topics can benefit from the advice of our dedicated Physics IGCSE tutor. Since the students’ academic performance is determined by their teacher’s observation or examination results, this could help them be better than their classmates. Some of them might feel even more at ease with the subject with this kind of assistance, while others might want to be exposed to challenging content because they are advanced for their age.

To ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality education while narrowing the learning gap.

Why Choose Us?

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Notable Acclaims

We are pleased that, during the 2023 SME and Entrepreneurs Business Award, our CEO and Principal, Dr. Vijendran Arulrajah, received the Certificate of Edupreneur Excellence on our behalf. This demonstrates our dedication to enhancing collaboration between educators and students on entrepreneurial endeavours that align with their areas of expertise.

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Insightful Teachers

Backed by years of professional expertise in the field of education, students will be in good hands with our brilliant faculty members, given that they are all academically qualified. Whichever programme or subject is chosen, students are going to be under commendable oversight thanks to the knowledge the teachers have regarding instructional management.


Exceptional Infrastructure

Students who enrol here will be exposed to a conducive environment unlike any other. To optimise the quality of their education, our facilities are easily accessible. Every day, mealtimes and necessary leisure are made possible by the presence of a pantry and lounge. Besides, we also offer technological and scientific tools that can be used for subject preparation.

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