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Brixsten Academy specialises in IGCSE English tuition tailored to students’ needs. Our experienced IGCSE English tutor offers comprehensive guidance, covering key areas such as reading comprehension, essay writing, and language skills. With personalised attention and a structured curriculum, we empower students to excel in their English examinations confidently.

Who Needs An English Tutor?

Our IGCSE English tuition programme caters to a diverse array of learners seeking to excel in their English language skills. Whether you’re a student striving for top grades, an international student adjusting to English as a second language, or someone looking to enhance their communication abilities, our tailored approach ensures tangible progress. Our experienced IGCSE English tutors provide personalised attention, guiding students through curriculum intricacies and honing critical reading, writing, and speaking proficiencies.

For students aiming for academic success, our English tuition programme offers targeted support, clarifying complex concepts and exam techniques. International students benefit from our programme as it aids in acclimatising to English language requirements essential for further education and career prospects. Moreover, professionals seeking to improve their English fluency for career advancement find our English tuition programme invaluable. Whatever your background or goals, Brixsten Academy is committed to fostering linguistic competence and confidence, ensuring every learner reaps the rewards of mastering the English language.

To ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality education while narrowing the learning gap.

Why Choose Us?

Customized Lessons

Qualified Instructors

At Brixsten Academy, students benefit from the expertise of experienced and qualified instructors who are dedicated to providing personalised guidance. Our tutors possess advanced degrees in English and have a proven track record of helping students achieve their academic goals.

Catching Up

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to cater to the diverse needs of students, covering all aspects of English language proficiency including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We offer a range of courses tailored to different proficiency levels, ensuring that each student receives targeted instruction to enhance their skills.

Personalised 1-1

Controlled Class Sizes

With small class sizes, students receive individualised attention and have ample opportunities to engage with the material. Our instructors take the time to understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses. This personalised attention fosters a supportive learning environment.

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