Full Time IGCSE

Cambridge Primary (Year 1 - 6)

Cambridge Primary for Year 1 - 6 is an educational program designed to help students in these age groups build a strong foundation in key subjects like English, Math, and Science. It's a bit like a stepping stone in a student's academic journey.

Cambridge Lower Secondary (Year 7, 8, 9)

Cambridge Lower Secondary, spanning Year 7, 8, and 9, is an educational initiative crafted to assist students in establishing a solid footing in a variety of subjects. It typically serves as a bridge connecting primary and high school education, catering to students aged approximately 11 to 14 years. During this phase, students engage in a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses subjects such as mathematics, science, English, and more, mirroring the typical school experience. The significance of this program lies in its capacity to foster fundamental skills, knowledge, and self-assurance, which are indispensable for success in high school and subsequent educational pursuits.

Cambridge Upper Secondary (Year 10, 11)

Cambridge Upper Secondary, commonly known as Year 10 and Year 11, represents a crucial phase of education typically designed for students aged 14 to 16. It plays a vital role in a student's educational journey by bridging the gap between earlier stages of schooling and more specialised studies.This educational stage offers a diverse array of subjects, enabling students to delve into their interests and passions, spanning the fields of sciences, humanities, arts, and languages During these two years, students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the challenges of higher education and the practical demands of the real world.

Cambridge A level (Year 12, 13)

Cambridge A Levels typically comprise examinations taken during the final two years of high school, which are Year 12 and 13. These exams hold global recognition and esteem, being administered by the University of Cambridge. Over these two years, students engage in in-depth study and coursework related to their chosen subjects, fostering a deep understanding of the topics. Cambridge A Levels grant students the flexibility to select subjects aligned with their passions or future career aspirations, and it is well-regarded by universities worldwide.

Why Come On Board with Us?

At Brixsten Academy, we are more than just an educational academy; we are a community driven by a shared vision.Our mission is rooted in a profound passion for expanding opportunities, confronting real-world challenges, and ensuring that high-quality secondary education is accessible to everyone.

Brixsten’s curriculum is carefully crafted to deliver a top-notch educational experience. It’s designed to be immersive and interactive, making the learning process enjoyable. But it doesn’t stop at academics alone. Brixsten Academy places a strong emphasis on character development, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. This comprehensive approach ensures that our students not only excel academically but also evolve into well-rounded individuals, ready to excel in all aspects of life.

Who Is This Programme For

The strength of Cambridge IGCSE qualifications is internationally recognised and has provided an international pathway for students to continue their studies around the world.



Parents that are looking for guidance, flexible and customised learning for their home-schooled children at their own pace.

Curriculum Transition

Curriculum Transition

Parents who intend to switch their child’s education from the local schools to the Cambridge International Curriculum in a cost-effective manner.

Young Athletes

Young Athletes

Falling behind is no longer an option in their academics. Adjust your learning plan according to your busy schedule.

Learning Abilities

Learning Abilities

Every child is capable of learning, it simply varies from person to person. They may be fast, slow or even have learning disabilities.

Bullied Victims

Bullied Victims

A safe learning environment that allows parents to foster the trust of their child without having worries about a possible bully attack.

School Phobia

School Phobia

A significant dread of something unclear and skipping school is worrying. A small and safe place to study can shift their whole concept of school.

How Can We Ensure Your Child's Success

Our approach in teaching encourages our learners to be:


Experience Educator

Teachers are real professional from various academic and industrial background with their unique teaching pedagogy.

Effective Syllabus Coverage

Teachers are well informed with the specifications and syllabus. Effectively covered prior to IGCSE examination.

Sufficient Practice & Discussion

Deliberate practice and discussion consist of activity purposely designed to improve subject’s performance.

Small Class Size

Maximum up to 12 students per class. Every student able to get enough attention from the teachers.

Two-Way Learning

Encourage students to involve in discussion, giving feedbacks and ideas to improve teaching learning process.

Constant Communication with Parents

Parents are well informed about their child progress. 

Subjects We Offer

English (First and second language)

  • First Language: This course aims to cultivate a strong command of the English language, emphasising proficient reading, writing, and communication skills.
  • Second Language: Designed for non-native English speakers, this course strives to enhance proficiency in English communication, encompassing both written and spoken aspects.


This subject encompasses a broad spectrum of mathematical concepts, including algebra, geometry, statistics, and calculus. It is designed to enhance problem-solving abilities and foster mathematical thinking.


The Science core subject introduces students to the realm of scientific inquiry. It encompasses physics, chemistry, and biology, providing a foundational understanding of natural phenomena and scientific methodologies.

Electives Subjects

Additional Mathematics

An advanced mathematics course, Additional Mathematics delves deeper into topics such as calculus, trigonometry, and advanced algebra, preparing students for more complex mathematical challenges.


Physics explores the fundamental principles governing the physical world, including the study of forces, energy, motion, and the behaviour of matter.


Biology is the study of living organisms and their functions, covering topics such as ecology, physiology, and evolution.


Chemistry delves into the composition, properties, and behaviour of matter. It involves the study of atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, and the periodic table.


Accounting instructs students on how to record, analyse, and interpret financial transactions. It is crucial for those interested in finance, business, or entrepreneurship.

Business Studies

This subject introduces students to key business concepts, including management, marketing, economics, and ethics, preparing them for future careers in business.


Economics explores the allocation of resources, market behaviour, and the impact of economic decisions on society. It is relevant for understanding global economic issues.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT covers computer hardware, software, digital communication, and information systems. It equips students with essential digital skills for the modern world.


Malay focuses on the Malay language and culture. It includes language proficiency, literature, and an understanding of Malay traditions.

Combined Science

This course combines elements of biology, chemistry, and physics, offering a broad understanding of scientific principles without the depth of individual subjects.

Global Perspective

Global Perspective encourages critical thinking about global issues, fostering an understanding of different perspectives and the ability to analyse complex global challenges.


Geography explores Earth’s physical features, environments, and human interactions with the planet. It includes topics like climate, landscapes, and population studies.

Chinese Language

Chinese Language and Culture focuses on the Chinese language, its characters, and cultural aspects. It is suitable for those interested in Chinese language and culture.

*These elective subjects provide students with a diverse range of options to tailor their education to their interests and career aspirations. They offer in-depth knowledge and skills in various academic and practical fields, empowering students to make informed choices for their future.

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