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Since 2015, Brixsten Academy has continuously strived to provide the best IGCSE Maths tuition initiative in the Klang Valley region. With sheer guidance from our brilliant IGCSE Math tutor, students may benefit from personalised lessons to help them enhance their numeracy and problem-solving skills from start to finish.

Who Needs A Math Tutor?

In general, some might consider mathematics to be a tricky subject, and that is fairly understandable. Learning all the complex formulae and concepts can be a bit intimidating at times. Hence, the amazing IGCSE Maths tuition programme provided by Brixsten Academy is highly recommended for students across various education levels, including those in the lower and upper secondary grades. Even anyone interested in pursuing A-Levels is more than welcome to participate.

Our IGCSE Math tutor is capable of aiding students who might require assistance with a particular area of mathematics, such as algebra, statistics, or trigonometry. As a result, they could be performing better in math, as their peers are based on future test scores or comments from their teacher. Such guidance may help some of them feel even more comfortable doing math, while others may wish to be pushed to the limits because they have excellent math skills for their age.

To ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality education while narrowing the learning gap.

Why Choose Us?


First Class Facilities

Enrolling here means students will be surrounded by nothing less than perfection. Our state-of-the-art amenities, including WiFi, are easily accessible to enhance the learning experience. At the same time, the lounge and pantry allow for much-needed relaxation and mealtime during the day. We even provide technical equipment that can be used for preparation purposes.

Curriculum Transition

Reliable Staff

Our team of instructors is renowned for their experience spanning decades in the education industry. They are undoubtedly knowledgeable because each of them possesses impressive academic qualifications. With their excellent classroom management skills, students will be under reasonable supervision regardless of the subject or programme selected.

Learning Abilities

Well Recognized Institute

We are proud to have our CEO and Principal, Dr. Vijendran Arulrajah, honoured with the Certificate of Edupreneurship Excellence on our behalf during the 2023 SME and Entrepreneurs Business Award. This showcases our wholehearted commitment to strengthening teacher-student cooperation regarding entrepreneurial initiatives in line with their specialised disciplines.

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