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Our purpose here at Brixsten Academy has always been to offer the greatest IGCSE Science tuition package since the early days of our establishment. Through tailored lessons, students have the chance to flourish their scientific abilities one step at a time, provided they have unwavering assistance from our impressive IGCSE Science tutor.

Who Needs A Science Tutor?

Almost every natural occurrence in this world has a logical explanation behind it, and that is where science plays a role. Based on the detailed nature of the subject matter, students in both lower and upper secondary grades, along with those pursuing a range of academic goals, including A-Levels, are strongly advised to choose the excellent IGCSE Science tuition programme offered by Brixsten Academy.

Students can always get in touch with our knowledgeable IGCSE Science tutor if they feel like they could use some help with a specific topic in the course. Furthermore, some of them may feel even more relaxed learning science under such a form of counselling, while others may wish to be encouraged even more because they already have a remarkable scientific aptitude for their age. In due course, they may be able to demonstrate excellent academic performance in the classroom that is comparable to that of their classmates.

To ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality education while narrowing the learning gap.

Why Choose Us?

Inadequate Guidance in School

Outstanding Amenities

To create a nurturing environment, our facilities are situated in a convenient manner to optimise the calibre of our students’s education. Meals on a daily basis and necessary downtime can be enjoyed at the pantry and lounge. We offer technical equipment to help those who wish to prepare in advance.

Group Classes

Reputable Staff

Our amazing instructors are highly regarded for having years of real-world experience in the teaching profession, which is in line with their academic qualifications. Whatever programme or subject students choose, they will have enough guidance.


Esteemed Institute

During the 2023 SME and Entrepreneur Business Award, we were represented by our CEO and Principal, Dr. Vijendran Arulrajah, as the Certificate of Edupreneur Excellence recipient. Such an accolade reflects our dedication to boosting the way instructors and students collaborate.

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