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Get Your Child's Secondary Education Back On Track With Us

Exam Preparatory
Full Time

Average 93% Of Our Students
Scored A - A* In Their IGCSE Exam

We Understand Parent's Pain Points

Parents Pain Point IGCSE


Frustrated with current education system?

Parents Pain Point Overpriced IGCSE


Paying exorbitant price for low quality educational services?

Reliability Parents Pain Point IGCSE


Struggling to find a reliable education institution for your child?

Parent Pain Point Attention IGCSE


Worried your child not getting enough attention in an overcrowded classroom? 

Parent Pain Point IGCSE


Often your child hand-picked by students and teachers for being different?

 Students Who Joined Brixsten Academy 

Tasneem IGCSE 2020 Brixsten Academy.png

Tasneem Omar Khalil
IGCSE 2020
7A's 1B

Cheryl_Chew_Jane_Lynn IGCSE 2019 Brixsten Academy

Cheryl Chew
IGCSE 2019
6A's 2B

Yap Howe IGCSE 2020 Brixsten Academy

Yap Yong Howe
IGCSE 2020
6A's 1B

Phan_Li_Shuen 2019 IGCSE png.png

Pan Li Shuen
IGCSE 2019

Shane Daniel IGCSE 2020 Brixsten Academy.png

Shane Daniel
IGCSE 2019

Ethan_Soh- IGCSE 2018 Brixsten Academy

Ethan Soh
IGCSE 2018
7A's 1B

1. Drop Your Enquiries
2. Fix an Appointment

Find us interesting? Would like to know more about us? Just drop us an email and we will get back to you soon.

Drop by our centre to have a chat with one of our education consultant while your child sits for the placement test.

3. Placement Test

Written test covering Math, English, Science and Malay to understand child’s current knowledge level related to problem solving, logical thinking and level of language proficiency. The assessment will also reflect time management of the child.

Steps to 
Peace of 

4. Review   

Upon obtaining the placement test results, tutors would be able to spot your child's strength and weakness. Providing us with valuable input and multiples ways of helping your child to improve. 

5. Start Your Journey

Kickstart your  educational journey with us with a specially personalized study plans and techniques just crafted for you to achieve your desired results.



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A - A*



Passing Rate

Personalised Your Learning With Us

Full Time IGCSE Programme Brixsten Academy
Full Time 

Quality of education at the grassroot level is a strong determined inn shaping the personality of a child. A solid foundation laid during a child's formative years will serve the child throughout lifetime. 

Tution Programme IGCSE Brixsten Academy

The tuition programme is highly reliable for students who are strongly looking into improving their weakness in a dedicated period of time.

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