High Quality & Affordable IGCSE Programmes 

We offer high-quality educational programs and curriculums from lower secondary through to higher secondary years.

Throughout the past 5 years, our achievements persistently signify neat student track records of 100% passing rate in IGCSE examination, thus sustaining an average standard achieving 93% awarded official results between to A* by the Cambridge Assessment International Education. 

Our Achievements 


Full Time IGCSE Programme

This program is a full-time study program with a dedicated timeline and is highly recommended to endure continuous attendance. The program caters to students who are interested in obtaining the IGCSE qualification upon completing Year 11.

Personalized 1-1 Classes

Focused on strategizing students in weaker topics, common areas of mistakes, and do not limit to other findings. This program emphasizes understanding questions or answering techniques and beyond exploring clarity in critical thinking ability and fine-tuning perfection with numerous practices.

Group Tuition 

Students are encouraged to enroll in group tuition as it promotes students to be supportive and committed to each other. Being a part of a study group encourages students to think creatively, build strong communication skills and avoid procrastination.


“Brixsten Academy is a centre where I would definitely recommend to every student who wants a flexible study hours. Moreover, the teachers at Brixsten Academy are very dedicated at teaching students and they will never stop until all the students understand. My studies wouldn’t have improved without all the teachers help. Thank you teachers.” 

-Soniza Chin-


Who are we?

A private learning academy and IGCSE exam preparatory centre 

What curricular does Brixsten use?

Based on the Cambridge Assessment International Education

Why is a placement test conducted?

To evaluate the students current academic level

Are the teachers qualified?

Yes, all of our teachers possess a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience 

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