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One of Brixsten Academy’s never-ending objectives is to provide the finest IGCSE Biology tuition programme in the Klang Valley area. With the steadfast support of our exceptional IGCSE Biology tutor, students can take advantage of specialised sessions designed to help them develop their scientific comprehension throughout their enrollment here.

Who Needs A Biology Tutor?

Most people will associate biology with plants and animals because that is what the subject is basically about—the study of living things. Judging by the intricate details the subject may present, students in higher secondary grades as well as those with a variety of educational ambitions, including A-Levels, are highly encouraged to opt for Brixsten Academy’s outstanding IGCSE Biology tuition initiative.

At any moment, if students feel as if they might require guidance with any particular topic within the subject, they are free to consult our well-trained IGCSE Biology tutor. Not only that, some of them might feel even more comfortable studying biology with this kind of mentoring, while others might want to be driven further because they already possess exceptional scientific abilities for their age. Eventually, they could gain the potential to showcase commendable academic achievement in class on par with their peers.

To ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality education while narrowing the learning gap.

Why Choose Us?


Trustworthy Educators

Based on the academic credentials that our respected instructors possess, it is no surprise that they have years of practical experience in the education field. Students will benefit from sufficient guidance regardless of the programme or subject they choose since the instructors are skilled in classroom management.

Curriculum Transition

Reliable Resources

Students may find themselves placed right in the middle of a supportive setting. Our facilities are conveniently located so that the quality of their learning adventure can be maximised. The pantry and lounge make daily mealtimes and occasional leisure possible. Apart from that, we also provide technology resources for subject pre-planning.

Learning Abilities

Well Recognized Achievements

We are more than elated that Dr. Vijendran Arulrajah, our CEO and principal, accepted the Certificate of Edupreneurship Excellence on our behalf during the 2023 SME and Entrepreneur Business Award. This shows how committed we are to improving the way that teachers and students work together on entrepreneurial projects related to their areas of expertise.

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