Gavin Timothy 2020 IGCSE Alumni – 2A* 3A 1B


My overall learning experience at Brixsten Academy had been a blast for several reasons. First of all, the learning experience had not just been wonderful yet effective and efficient for me, but I also got to learn more about the environment and surroundings around me. I made many friends during my tenure there and I have had a great time integrating and synchronising with the people around me, students and teachers alike. Classes are conducted in a very organized manner with the respective teachers always being punctual to each class and being dedicated and knowledgeable in the subjects that they teach. They are also very skilled in handling individual students who require additional classes to improve their respective grades. Besides that, the teachers have a good sense of humour which makes the classes seem more fun and enjoyable not just for myself, but for everyone in Brixsten Academy.