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Academic Consultation

Upon reaching out to us, we will correspond and set an appointment for the parents to drop by for consultation. The child is expected to present during the meeting and sit for a placement test which last about 1.5 to 2 hours.

During the meeting, a lot of matter will be discussed such as issues faced by child in their education. Besides, we also be able understand better child’s interest, strength, learning styles, personality, and psychology. Parents will also could tour around the academy and see if its best fitted learning environment to accelerate child’s learning journey.

How Does a Placement Test Work?


Placement Test IGCSE Brixsten Academy

Written test covering Math, English, Science and Malay to understand child’s current knowledge level related to problem solving, logical thinking and level of language proficiency. The assessment will also reflect time management of the child.


Placement test Review Brixsten Academy

Discussion & Placement

Placement Test Brixsten

Achieve Growth


Every child has different learning abilities. However, we do want to emphasize that a child requires right attitude and mind in order achieve their growth. We can assure that our guidance and mentorship can produce results over the time.

Upon completing the paper, it will be marked and reviewed by our teachers within 2-3 working before getting back to parents.

The results and review from our teachers will be discussed with parent via telephone conversation. This will be a detailed session with parents to specifically go through the child’s report prior placing the child to the dedicated group or personalized learning plan.

Advantages of a Placement Test

Personalised study plan to help optimise scores for the upcoming exams 


Identifying students weak points by turning them into their strength

A detailed analysis on the students capabilities from our experienced tutors


In depth findings about the students understanding on subjects 


Customised study plan, pacing and exam preparation based on students needs


Feedback and recommendations from tutors on students performance and ways to improve 

Our Success Stories
Shane Daniel With Background .jpeg
Shane Daniel 2019 IGCSE Alumni

The overall journey that I had undergone, was one that was fruitful and provided a variety of benefits. An experience made possible by the positive- learning environment that is ever- present at Brixsten. The main contributors to this being, the dedicated and understanding teachers, who are experienced with effective methods of teaching, tied together with an attentiveness to students’ needs. As a result, all students are also assured, aware and able to better themselves; developing the sense of companionship between students and all around. With that in mind, my time spent at Brixsten has built upon my skills, in respect to knowledge and social awareness, that has helped in my personal development to be equipped for the future.

Marcus Yeoh 2018 IGCSE Alumni

My experience at Brixsten academy was, to be honest, great. The atmosphere there is warm and inviting. Made a lot of good friends and memories of studying there. As a science stream student, I was completely satisfied with the level of teaching held at the centre. The teachers were all very competent and are more than willing to adapt to my pace of learning. They were also very kind and friendly towards me and are always there to help out whenever I have problems. The centre’s location is really good as well, as there are plenty of restaurants nearby the centre when it comes to lunch breaks. Overall, I had a good experience studying there.

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