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The tuition programme is highly reliable for students who are strongly looking into improving their weakness in a dedicated period of time. This programme, adhere to continuously motivate students in various aspect during learning processing. Although, our main focus is to churn out student succeeding criteria’s, likewise we do not ignore areas such as fundamental knowledge, technical concepts, case studies, critical thinking, problem solving, assignments, researches and projects.

Who is This Programme Designed For?

Learning Preferences

Sometimes, the child simply cannot have a conducive learning in school. This could be due to many reasons. The child could be too shy to ask questions in class. Or, perhaps the kid cannot really understand the teacher’s style of explaining concepts.

Inadequate Guidance in School Brixsten Academy IGCSE

Inadequate Guidance in School 

Sometimes a student simply need is more attention and is not getting it enough. In a class of 40 students, teachers simply cannot afford to spend too much time on one kid.

Weak In Subjects Brixsten Academy IGCSE

Weak in Subjects

Another practical reason for home tuition is when students have particularly weak subjects. This could very well be a childhood thing, for instance when the kid is from a Chinese-speaking family and simply do not speak English enough.

Full Tim IGCSE Home Schooled Brixsten Academy IGCSE

Customized Lessons

Not every students learning style is the same. There are plenty of different teaching and learning techniques that works differently for each student. With a customized learning plan students are able to absorb more knowledge.

Catching Up Brixsten Academy IGCSE

Catching Up

With the ever-increasing and unforgiving pace of the school curriculum especially for upper primary, upper secondary and A – Level students, it has become nearly impossible to catch up once you fall behind because there are always new topics to learn.

Retake Entry Brixsten Academy IGCSE

Retake Entry 

A student who has taken the IGCSE or A - Level exam and wants to improve their result by re-sitting again.

How Can We Help?
Personalized 1-1 Tuition IGCSE Brixsten Academy IGCSE
Personalised 1-1

Focused on strategizing students in weaker topics, common areas of mistakes, and do not limit to other findings. This program emphasizes questions, understanding, or answering techniques and beyond exploring clarity in critical thinking ability and fine-tuning perfection with numerous practices.

Group Classes IGCSE Brixsten Academy IGCSE
Group Classes

Encouraged for students who are interested in attending classes with their peers. Group classes promotes students to be supportive and committed to each other. It also allows students to think creatively, build strong communication skills and also practice what they have learned.

Benefits Of The Programme

Much smaller student to teacher ratio

Because private tuition is done in small groups or individual groups, students may better focus and be taught in such a way that their own unique requirements are met.

The right tutor

You have no choice at school regarding your teachers, but after our initial contact with the child, we match them with the tutor. This means that students have a mentor who teaches their learning styles in the most effective way.

Extra Review

Often at school, the time to examine the work and knowledge of a child is restricted. That may not always be sufficient. A private tutor gives students an additional opportunity to review the areas in which they can struggle.

Test Practice

Private teaching assists students who are struggling with testing to build better studying skills and ultimately better testing.


Because teachers create a more personal contact with their students, they can see and cultivate their potential. This is all too easy for school teachers to ignore, especially if a youngster has good behaviour or average IQ. This increases pupils' trust in their studies.

Safe Environment

Students may be not so willing to ask questions in a large class at times, but working with a private teacher provides them greater confidence and freedom to speak.

Innovative Teaching

Since private lessons are one-on-one, the tutors are ready to experiment with various techniques of teaching that work better for the student.

Subjects We Offer
  • Combined Science 

  • Mathematics 

  • English 

  • Malay

  • Chemistry 

  • Physics 

  • Biology 

  • Combined Science 

  • Business Studies 

  • Accounting 

  • Economics 

  • Mathematics

  • Add Mathematics

  • English 

A Levels
  • Chemistry 

  • Physics 

  • Biology 

  • Mathematics

  • Business 

  • Economics

  • Accounting 

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