Towards Educational Excellence

The transformative learning process at Brixsten Academy is designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new educational and social situations to further development. Our teachers create a safe and open setting to guide students in exploring the world around them.


Programmes Offered

Let’s Learn Together

Full Time IGCSE Programme


Personalized 1-1 Classes


Group Tuition 


Lower Secondary

Year 7 - Year 9

  • Malay - Foreign Language

  • English Language

  • Business Studies 

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • ICT 

Upper Secondary 

Year 10 - Year 11

  • Malay - Foreign Language

  • English Language

  • Mathematics

  • Additional Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Combined Science

  • Business Studies 

  • Economics

  • Accounting 

Subjects Offered