Personal Development Programme
Personal Development Programme, PDP used in various industries       and universities to coach and mentor students. It never been introduced in primary and secondary education system.
PDP  encourage students to learn by themselves and self-consciously plan for their future. PDP - reflecting on and recording achievement, learning to capitalize on strengths, identifying and addressing areas for development, setting goals and identifying skills. PDP not only enhance your capabilities, it also helps you:
  • Increase your self-awareness – who you are and what you want.
  • Identify the skills and experience that you already have, and those that you need.
  • Create a plan to acquire the skills you may need for your academic studies or career.
  • Keeping a record of your achievements for use when applying for further studies or employment.
In academic performance, it helps you: 
  • Focus learning.
  • Stay motivated.Understand how you learn and you can improve your performance.
  • Get more joy and less stress from your learning as your skills grow.
  • Figure out how to apply your learning to new problems and contexts.
  • Develop reflective thinking skills that can strengthen academic performance.
In professional life,  PDP can help you:
  • Get clear on kind of life and work you want.
  • Be confidence about the choices you make.
  • Be confidence about the skills, qualities and attributes conferredby your academic qualifications 
  • Be better at discussing your skills, personal qualities and competencies with employers.
  • Improve your problem-solving and planning skills.
  • Develop the positive attitudes and approaches needed for a successful professional life.
PDP for students
Students engaged in PDP develop concepts naturally. They not only see the relevance of what they are being asked to do, but also understand the context in PDP that enables to develop positive factors reflecting their personalities when it is started in daily life practises.   
PDP is already embedded at various points in students life - at induction, in study skills units and placements. But when students self-consciously engage in the process as part of their curriculum, they become aware of the benefits PDP, and may continue the practice throughout their studies and even beyond their time at our academy.

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