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Who We Are, What We Do 

Our Vision

To ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality secondary education while also narrowing the learning gap.

Brixsten Academy's vision is inspired by the passion for providing opportunities, solving real world problems and making quality and affordable secondary education accessible for everyone. 

Brixsten Academy believes that every student can achieve more and do more. Therefore, we invest time creating a pathway that provides a solid educational foundation and simultaneously build trust with their parents. While parents and students expect nothing less than the best service, we understand the value of this trust that has been given to us. 

The Core Values of Brixsten

Relationship Centric Brixsten Academy IGCSE

Relationship - Centric

Foster better relationship with everyone involved, including parents, students, teachers, administrators 

Be Supportive Brixsten Academy IGCSE

Be Supportive

Everyone involved in the academy are ready to help and support each other to be better progressively 

Committed Brixsten Academy IGCSE

Be Committed

 Commitment is the golden rule. Everyone is expected to be committed to their duties and always know that we are here to lend a helping hand. 

Learn & Grown Together Brixsten Academy IGCSE

Learn & Grow Together

We are all in these. Parents, students, teachers and administrators.  We understand the role of all and to learn and progress together. 

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