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Full-Time IGCSE

‘The strength of Cambridge IGCSE qualifications is internationally recognised and has provided an international pathway for students to continue their studies around the world.’

Who Is This Programme For

Full Tim IGCSE Home Schooled Brixsten Academy IGCSE


Full Time IGCSE Programme Curriculum Transition Brixsten Academy IGCSE

Curriculum Transition

Full Time IGCSE Young Athletes Brixsten Academy IGCSE

Young Athletes

Parents that are looking for guidance, flexible and customised learning for their home-schooled children at their own pace.

Parents who intend to switch their child's education from the local schools to the Cambridge International Curriculum in a cost-effective manner

Falling behind is no longer an option in their academics. Adjust your learning plan according to your busy schedule

Learning Abilities Brixsten Academy Full Time IGCSE Programme

Learning Abilities

Every child is capable of learning, it simply varies from person to person. They may be fast, slow or even have learning disabilities. 

Bullied Victims Full Time IGCSE Programme Brixsten Academy

Bullied Victims

A safe learning environment that allows parents to foster the trust of their child without having worries about a possible bully attack.

School Phobia Brixsten Academy Full Time Programme IGCSE

School Phobia

A significant dread of something unclear and skipping school is worrying. A small and safe place to study can shift their whole concept of school.

How Can We Ensure Your Child's Success

Our approach in teaching encourages our learners to be:

Red Purple Circle Cycle Diagram Chart-2.

Experience Educator

Teachers are real professional from various academic and industrial background with their unique teaching pedagogy.

Effective Syllabus Coverage

Teachers are well informed with the specifications and syllabus. Effectively covered prior to IGCSE examination.

Sufficient Practice & Discussion

Deliberate practice and discussion consist of activity purposely designed to improve subject’s performance 

Small Class Size 

Maximum up to 12 students per class. Every student able to get enough attention from the teachers

Two-Way Learning 

Encourage students to involve in discussion, giving feedbacks and ideas to improve teaching learning process.

Constant Communication with Parents 

Parents are well informed about their child progress. 

Subjects We Offer
  • Combined Science 

  • Mathematics 

  • Business

  • English 

  • Malay

  • ICT

  • Chemistry 

  • Physics 

  • Biology 

  • Combined Science 

  • Business Studies 

  • Accounting 

  • Economics 

  • Mathematics

  • Add Mathematics

  • English 

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