Frequently Asked Questions 

Who are we?

A private learning academy and IGCSE exam preparatory centre 

What do we do?

We coach students, preparing them towards the IGCSE qualification. We also provided higly customized and flexible study plans according to the students need.

What curricular does Brixsten use?

Based on the Cambridge Assessment International Education

How is the fees calculated?

Prices vary according to the programme, contact us to know more.

How big is the class size in Brixsten? 

A maximum of 12-15 students in a group class. Different level of classes available. 

Are the teachers qualified?

Yes, all of our teachers possess a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience.

How is the program structured at Brixsten?

Brixsten provided three various programme structures namely, full time IGCSE programme, one to one and group classes. 

Why is a placement test conducted?

To evaluate the students current academic level

How does Brixsten measures an individual's progress or achievements? 

We conduct topical/monthly progression test, to measure the students understanding level.

What is a private candidate?

Private candidates are students that may not attend Cambridge schools but wish to enter for assessments are referred as private candidate.

How do I register as a private candidate?

We will assist students to register as a private candidate in a selected test centre.