Literature is a bridge to language learning. It is essential that students study literature to enhance their language, personal growth and aesthetic values. Cambridge Literature (English) gets learners to read extensively and consider multiple interpretations and evaluations. The genre they will be introduced range from drama, prose and poetry from the works of Shakespeare to contemporary and cross-cultural literature. These will help them develop a general relativity in their understanding of history, culture and art. These realizations will help them comprehend the world around them.
Literature studies at Brixsten Academy involve a multi-modal learning environment. Students will re-live what they have learnt by not only analysing them, but also through various activities ranging from watching and putting on plays to crafting miniatures and models. These activities will make learning fun to students. They will also understand the concepts of literal meaning, relevant contexts and deeper themes or attitudes expressed in the various art forms. They will learn to recognise and appreciate the ways in which writers use English to achieve a range of effects, and to present an informed, personal response to the material they have studied.
The syllabus also encourages the exploration of wider and universal issues, helping learners understand themselves and the world around them. The students will explore various literary texts from both the East and West and the following genre:
1.     Prose
2.     Drama
3.     Poetry
4.     Short stories
5.     Novel

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