Curriculum Overview
A curriculum should boost reasoning skills that includes spatial, logical, numerical and verbal reasoning. Mental and physical development must accompany a child’s growth. These ideas are at the heart of our curriculum and teaching practices. A child’s capacity to learn is vast. During childhood we pick up languages, learn to play instruments and develop our athletic ability with ease. Taking advantage of this, our teachers motivate and inspire pupils to relish learning. 
Our First Step
Teaching and learning are aimed at making the most of children’s natural curiosity. Learning is based on the child's ability to understand and interpret. In teaching we provide the guidance the child needs to develop both these skills. Gradually, children become more structured in the way they learn and more active and focused. Their interest grows as they begin to see how what they learn relates to their daily life and personality.
Teachers plan lessons with differentiated outcomes that allow for a range of achievements. This helps teachers match each lesson as closely as possible to individual needs while providing scope to stretch students academically. 
A global vision is embedded throughout our curriculum and subjects. We will encourage your involvement in global networks and cross-cultural experiences, to benifit a strong grasp in the knowledge level. 
Students who complete their education with us, will attain a high level of competency in all subjects and will be ready to carry on with the next level of education. Learning is largely question-based, with an emphasis on problem solving. It aims to build up a student’s ability to reason and think independently. 

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