Brixsten Academy provides international education programme to children aged 10 and above, at its location in Damansara Jaya. Brixsten Academy is an independent co-educational learning centre (homeschool, home schooling, private school, learning resource centre) catering to students from lower to upper secondary level and even pre-university.
Our aim to provide a curriculum that meets the highest Cambridge education standards. Students can start with either IGCSE Foundation or IGCSE (combined 2-in-1 programme) and advance towards A-Level or SAT to complete pre-university. 
There is no age limit, for students who want to enhance their English. They can start with CGEP (Cambridge General English Programme) to enhance their proficiency. Students who want to fast-track can enrol in IEP (Intensive English Programme), and later take the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination. Those who pass will receive certification directly from Cambridge English Language Assessment at each level. 
Our curriculum features a Personal Development Programme (PDP) to uncover your child’s hidden talents, boost skills development (leadership, team work, problem solving,etc.) and improve learning abilities. The other curriculums includes Information Communication Technology, English Literature and Sports are offered in keeping with international education standards.
Brixsten Academy integrates academic progress with social and life skills. Our lecturers and tutors help students discover the fun in learning and give them room for participate through our media-enriched classrooms. We adhere to the best practices in teaching to create a productive learning atmosphere. 
Call us at +603 7732 6554 for more information.


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The Education Academy is commited to producing academically competent students


The leadership team, partners and employees of Brixsten Academy will:
Execute best practice plans
Identify and develop the skill sets of each student
Ensure that the best resources are available
Provide continuous training, coaching and development to both students and staff
Enable continuous growth of the centre 
Create awareness about Brixsten through advertising and marketing/digital marketing
Expand the infrastructure based on response

 016 - 2080 945 / 03 -7732 6554